Srivastava Lab

Self-Assembly of Soft Materials

The Srivastava Lab is based in the Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Department of the Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

Our research focuses primarily on harnessing self-assembly as a tool for materials design. We are specifically interested in the role of electrostatic interactions, and our work spans from molecular design and synthesis to fabrication characterizations of nano-, micro- and macro-scale materials, with applications in consumer products (such as cosmetics, adhesive and coatings), biomedical and biochemical industries, construction materials and 3D printing.


We are building a multidisciplinary team of researchers. Currently, we are looking for graduate students to join our group.

Graduate Student Opening in the Srivastava Lab

We are looking to hire 1-2 graduate (MS and Ph.D.) students for an ongoing NSF-funded project on electrostatic hydrogel-based wet adhesives. This experimental research project will envisage polymer synthesis, material characterization, and application in diverse biomedical settings, and will offer ample opportunities for collaborations with biomedical scientists and clinicians. Students with a background in chemical engineering, materials science, chemistry and biochemistry, and physics are encouraged to apply. Interested candidates should email Samanvaya at

Postdoctoral researchers: We do not have any active openings currently. However, please email Samanvaya with a copy of your CV and a statement of research interests if your research interests match with our group's work.

Group News

  • [July 2022] Shang’s work on stable complex coacervate emulsions is published in ACS Macro Letters. [PDF]

  • [July 2022] Our collaborative work with Sant group on thermoresponsive polymer-mineral suspensions is published in Materials & Design. [PDF]

  • [June 2022] Caitlyn joins our group as a Ph.D. student from the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. Welcome, Caitlyn!

  • [June 2022] Advait attends Brandeis Microfluidics Training Camp at Brandeis University.

  • [June 2022] Katie starts a research stint at UC Riverside. Looking forward to having you back in the Fall quarter!

  • [June 2022] Defu and Tobias’ work on the polyelectrolyte Complex-covalent IPN hydrogels is published in Macromolecules. [PDF]

  • [May 2022] Tina, Chad, Peter, and Lucas join us as undergraduate students for their summer stints. Welcome!

  • [April 2022] Tobias completes his postdoctoral research at KIT and joins Cesra Arzneimittel GmbH & Co., Germany.

Older News

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